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Quiz on Fallacies: Test Your Critical Thinking Quiz

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1. Identify the fallacy in the following statement: 'We should not trust the mayor's new policy proposal; after all, he failed his math class in high school.'

2. Which fallacy is exemplified by the statement: 'If we allow our kids to choose their own bedtime, next they'll want to decide all household rules.'

3. What fallacy is being used when someone says, 'Everyone is buying this health supplement, so it must be effective.'

4. When debating gun control, one person says to another, 'You're either with us, or you're against us.' What fallacy does this statement illustrate?

5. Why is the statement, 'He cannot be a great musician because he doesn’t even know how to play the piano,' an example of a fallacy?

6. 'The last four times it rained, I forgot my umbrella and got soaked. So, forgetting my umbrella must cause it to rain.' Identify the fallacy.

7. Select the fallacy indicated by the statement: 'You shouldn't listen to Jerry's argument on climate change because he's not a scientist.'

8. What fallacy is present in the statement: 'His argument must be true, he speaks so confidently and passionately.'

9. Identify the fallacy in the statement: 'We've always done it this way, so it must be the best way.'

10. The argument 'Since scientists cannot prove global warming is happening, it must not be true' exemplifies which fallacy?