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Test Your Knowledge: Philosophy of Film Quiz

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1. What concept in the philosophy of film explores the notion that film can capture the essence of realism by presenting reality as it is?

2. Who is often credited with the development of the auteur theory, which emphasizes the director's personal influence on a film?

3. According to the philosophy of film, which term refers to the emotional and cognitive interaction between the film and its viewers?

4. What concept discusses the tension between a film's narrative structure and the viewer's awareness of the film's construction?

5. In the context of film theory, what does the term 'montage' refer to?

6. Which philosophical perspective on film focuses on the socio-economic factors influencing cinema, often critiquing the capitalist system?

7. What does the 'Bechdel Test' assess in films?

8. Which concept in film philosophy discusses the portrayal and construction of space and time within the cinematic medium?

9. What term describes the disconnect or gap between the viewer's understanding of a fictional world and the real world?

10. Who wrote 'The Birth of Tragedy,' influencing film theory particularly in discussions of the apollonian and dionysian dichotomy in cinema?