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Political Ideologies Quiz

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1. Which political ideology advocates for the elimination of private property and the collective ownership of means of production?

2. Liberalism is primarily concerned with:

3. What political ideology is closely associated with the idea of a 'welfare state' where the government plays a key role in the protection and promotion of the economic and social well-being of its citizens?

4. Which political ideology promotes free market capitalism, individual liberties, and minimal government interference in the economy?

5. Conservatism generally seeks to preserve:

6. What ideology promotes a strong centralized government and often suppresses opposition and criticism?

7. Anarchy as a political ideology advocates for:

8. Which ideology is most associated with the promotion of free markets, individual achievement, and limited government?

9. Environmentalism as a political ideology prioritizes:

10. Which ideology argues for the equality of outcome rather than equality of opportunity?