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Legal Positivism Quiz

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1. What is the primary assertion of Legal Positivism?

2. Which philosopher is most closely associated with Legal Positivism?

3. According to Legal Positivism, what establishes a law's validity?

4. What is a key criticism of Legal Positivism?

5. Legal Positivism distinguishes between 'positive law' and which other type of law?

6. Who among the following is considered a proponent of Legal Positivism in the 20th century?

7. What concept does H.L.A. Hart introduce to explain the foundation of a legal system?

8. Legal Positivism typically argues that the legitimacy of law is based on:

9. Which of the following is NOT a feature of Legal Positivism?

10. In Legal Positivism, what role do legal precedents play in determining the law?