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Branches of Physics Quiz

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1. What branch of physics deals with the behavior of objects and their interactions at everyday scales, excluding quantum and relativistic effects?

2. Which branch of physics studies the electrical and magnetic phenomena and how they interact with each other?

3. The study of heat, work, temperature, and their relation to energy and physical properties of matter is focused in which branch of physics?

4. Which branch focuses on the smallest known particles and the fundamental forces acting between them?

5. Which field of physics seeks to understand and explain the physical phenomena that occur in the universe, beyond the Earth's atmosphere?

6. The branch of physics that deals with the atomic nucleus, its constituents, and interactions is known as:

7. What is the main focus of Condensed Matter Physics?

8. The analysis and understanding of high velocities and gravitational fields is the main focus of which branch of physics?

9. Plasma Physics is primarily concerned with:

10. Which branch of physics is focused on the study of forces and motion?