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Conservation Laws in Physics Quiz

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1. Which law states that the total energy in an isolated system remains constant regardless of the processes occurring within the system?

2. In an elastic collision, which of the following is conserved?

3. In which scenario would the conservation of momentum not be applicable?

4. The conservation of angular momentum is particularly applicable in which kind of motion?

5. According to Noether's theorem, conservation laws are a consequence of which of the following?

6. What is conserved when a photon is absorbed or emitted by an atom?

7. The principle that the total linear momentum of a closed system is constant provided no external forces act on the system is known as:

8. In thermodynamics, what does the second law state regarding entropy?

9. Which of the following best explains the conservation of mass-energy principle?

10. Which principle explains why planets orbit the sun in ellipses rather than perfect circles?