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Doppler Effect Quiz

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1. What determines the observed frequency of a sound for an observer moving towards a stationary sound source?

2. If the source of sound moves away from a stationary observer, how is the wave frequency observed by the listener affected?

3. Which formula best describes the observed frequency ($f'$) when the source moves towards a stationary observer at a speed lower than that of sound?

4. In the context of the Doppler Effect, what role does the medium play in the propagation of sound waves?

5. How is the Doppler Effect evident in everyday life?

6. What happens to the frequency of sound waves when the observer and source move towards each other?

7. If the speed of the observer moving towards a sound source equals the speed of sound, what is observed?

8. Why does the frequency of sound appear higher as a source moves towards an observer?

9. What effect does the Doppler Effect have on light waves from a receding galaxy?

10. What is the primary cause of the observed frequency change in the Doppler Effect?