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Light and Optics Mastery Quiz

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1. Which of the following principles explains why a pencil appears bent when partially submerged in water?

2. What happens to light when it encounters a medium boundary at an angle larger than the critical angle?

3. Which phenomenon is responsible for the colorful patterns observed when sunlight passes through a prism?

4. What is the angle of incidence equal to when light reflects off a smooth surface?

5. Which property of light allows 3D cinema glasses to work?

6. In Snell's Law, $n_1 \sin(\theta_1) = n_2 \sin(\theta_2)$, what does $n$ represent?

7. What causes the phenomenon of diffraction?

8. Which principle explains the alternation of bright and dark bands observed on a screen in a double-slit experiment?

9. Which of the following describes the bending of light waves around obstacles?

10. What optical principle is employed in the design of lenses to focus or disperse light?