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Electricity and Magnetism Quiz

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1. What is the direction of the electric field at a point directly north of a positive point charge?

2. According to Coulomb's law, how does the electric force between two charged particles change when the distance between them is doubled?

3. What does Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction state?

4. Which of the following is true regarding the Lorentz force?

5. What is the principle of superposition in the context of electric fields?

6. In a solenoid, what effect does increasing the number of turns per unit length have on the magnetic field inside the solenoid?

7. What property of a material affects its inductance?

8. How does the magnetic field around a straight current-carrying conductor behave?

9. What is the main principle behind electromagnetic waves propagation?

10. What phenomenon demonstrates the particle-like nature of electromagnetic radiation?