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Electric Potential and Potential Energy Quiz

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1. What unit is electric potential measured in?

2. What is the electric potential at a point in a uniform electric field where an electric charge of 1 Coulomb is at a potential energy of 1 joule?

3. Which formula correctly relates electric potential (V), electric potential energy (U), and charge (q)?

4. Given two charged particles separated by a distance, what happens to the electric potential energy if the distance between them is halved?

5. What condition must be met for the electric potential energy between two charges to be zero?

6. What does a Voltmeter measure?

7. How is the electric potential energy (U) related to the force (F) and distance (d) between two charges?

8. Which statement is true about the relationship between electric potential and potential energy?

9. If the electric potential difference applied across a capacitor is doubled, what happens to the stored potential energy?

10. In a uniform electric field, how does the electric potential change with distance?