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Exploring the Mysteries of Black Holes Quiz

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1. What is the point at the center of a black hole where gravity compresses mass to an infinite density, forming a singularity?

2. What term describes the boundary around a black hole beyond which no light or other information can return to the outside universe?

3. Which phenomenon, predicted by Stephen Hawking, involves the emission of radiation from black holes, allowing them to lose mass over time?

4. Which aspect of black holes can significantly distort time, making time appear to slow down near the event horizon?

5. What is the area around a black hole, populated by dust, gas, and debris, that has been captured by its gravitational pull but has not yet crossed the event horizon?

6. What concept explains that no matter how a black hole is formed, its properties can be described entirely by mass, charge, and angular momentum?

7. Which type of black hole is the result of the supernova explosion of a massive star?

8. In the context of black holes, what is a 'photon sphere'?

9. What phenomenon occurs when a black hole passes in front of a distant star, magnifying and distorting the star's light due to gravitational pull?

10. Which of the following is NOT a characteristic feature of black holes?