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Wave-Particle Duality Quiz

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1. Which experiment is famously known to demonstrate the wave-particle duality of light?

2. Who first introduced the concept that light could be described as both a wave and a particle?

3. What principle in quantum mechanics suggests that the more precisely the position of a particle is known, the less precisely its momentum can be known, and vice versa?

4. Which particle, originally thought to exhibit only wave-like properties, was later found to also demonstrate particle-like properties through the Davisson-Germer experiment?

5. What phenomenon occurs when light, acting as a wave, is absorbed or emitted by an object causing quantized energy changes?

6. In the context of wave-particle duality, which term describes the mathematical representation of a particle's state in quantum mechanics?

7. What is the name of the principle stating that all particles exhibit both wave and particle properties?

8. What device is used to demonstrate that individual particles interfere with themselves when not observed, but act like particles when a measurement is made?

9. Which theory suggests that particles such as electrons have intrinsic angular momentum, or "spin", that contributes to their wave-particle duality?

10. What term is used to describe the behavior of particles at very small scales, where wave-particle duality and other quantum effects become significant?