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Particle Accelerators Quiz

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1. What principle is primarily used in a cyclotron to accelerate charged particles to high energies?

2. Which type of particle accelerator is known for its straight-line acceleration path?

3. What is a significant advantage of using synchrotrons over cyclotrons for particle acceleration?

4. Which component is crucial for increasing the energy of particles in a synchrotron?

5. What is a key feature of superconducting particle accelerators?

6. For what purpose are beam collimators used in particle accelerators?

7. What typically happens to the speed of particles as they are accelerated in a particle accelerator?

8. What fundamental particles are most commonly accelerated in large hadron colliders?

9. Which of the following is not a primary use of particle accelerators?

10. How is the beam of charged particles kept on a curved path in a cyclotron?