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Astrobiology Quiz for Undergraduates Quiz

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1. What criterion is primarily used to determine a planet's habitability?

2. Which of the following molecules is considered a potential biosignature gas in the atmosphere of exoplanets?

3. Extremophiles are organisms that can live in conditions that are:

4. The 'Goldilocks Zone' refers to the range around a star where:

5. What does the Drake Equation estimate?

6. Which of the following environments on Earth is considered an analogue for potential life-bearing environments on Mars?

7. Astrobiology studies the possibility of life in the universe. Which multidisciplinary approach is NOT typically involved in astrobiological research?

8. Which element is most abundant in the universe and is a fundamental component of stars and living organisms?

9. Which technique is commonly used to detect exoplanets?

10. The search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI) primarily focuses on detecting: