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Political Psychology: Test Your Knowledge Quiz

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1. Which theory suggests that individual political attitudes can predominantly be explained through moral intuitions and emotions, rather than rational deliberation?

2. What is the main focus of the Social Identity Theory in the context of political psychology?

3. Which phenomenon describes the situation where individuals are more likely to believe information that confirms their pre-existing beliefs, even if that information is false?

4. Which concept refers to the practice of influencing an audience and public opinion for political purposes, often by using misleading information or emotional appeals?

5. In the context of voting behavior, what does the term 'Prospective Voting' refer to?

6. Which factor is considered a significant predictor of political ideology according to personality and political psychology research?

7. What is the primary function of political leadership according to political psychology?

8. According to the Elaboration Likelihood Model, under what conditions are individuals more likely to be persuaded by the quality of arguments rather than superficial cues?

9. Which term describes the practice of manipulating district boundaries to favor one party over another in electoral systems?

10. Which theory explains why individuals within a group are less likely to take action or feel a sense of individual responsibility in the presence of others?