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Political Sociology Quiz

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1. What theory focuses on the ability of the state to formulate policies that are independent of the pressures from social groups and classes?

2. What concept in Political Sociology explains the widespread participation of citizens in the political process beyond voting, such as activism, protests, and civil disobedience?

3. In the context of Political Sociology, which of the following best defines the term 'power'?

4. Which concept explains the phenomenon where individuals or groups within society do not challenge inequalities due to a lack of awareness of their own interests?

5. Within the framework of Political Sociology, which theory emphasizes that power in society is concentrated in the hands of a small elite group?

6. What is the primary focus of social movement theory in Political Sociology?

7. Which term describes the ability of a state to maintain order and enforce laws within its territory?

8. What does the concept of 'governance' in Political Sociology primarily refer to?

9. What do modernization theories in Political Sociology suggest about the relationship between economic development and democracy?

10. Which of the following best describes the relationship between civil society and the state in Political Sociology?