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Legislative Processes Quiz

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1. What is the first step in the legislative process in the United States?

2. Which committee is primarily responsible for determining the federal government’s overall budget?

3. In the U.S. Senate, what tactic can be used to delay or block legislative action and requires 60 votes to overcome?

4. Which statement best describes the power of congressional oversight?

5. What is required for a bill to become law if it is vetoed by the President?

6. What role do Conference Committees play in the legislative process?

7. Under what circumstance can a bill become law without the President's signature?

8. Which of the following individuals is NOT directly involved in the legislative process of the United States?

9. What document establishes the authority for the U.S. federal government to levy and collect taxes?

10. What happens to a bill in Congress if it is 'tabled'?