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Unitary Systems Quiz

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1. What is the primary function of a unitary HVAC system?

2. What distinguishes a unitary system from a central HVAC system?

3. Which type of refrigerant is commonly used in modern unitary HVAC systems?

4. Which component is essential in a unitary HVAC system for transferring heat between the indoor and outdoor environments?

5. What advantage does a split unitary system have over a packaged unitary system?

6. In the context of unitary HVAC systems, what does SEER stand for?

7. What is a common application of unitary HVAC systems?

8. What is a potential drawback of installing a unitary HVAC system in a large commercial building?

9. Which factor is crucial in determining the size of a unitary HVAC system for a specific space?

10. How does a variable-speed compressor benefit a unitary HVAC system?