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Election Systems Mastery Quiz

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1. What electoral system is used in the United States for presidential elections?

2. In a majoritarian voting system, how is a winner determined?

3. What system alllows voters to rank candidates in order of preference?

4. Which voting system is typically used in parliamentary democracies to ensure that the distribution of seats in the legislature closely matches the distribution of votes?

5. In the context of election systems, what does the term 'plurality' refer to?

6. What is a distinguishing feature of a mixed electoral system?

7. Which electoral system tends to encourage a two-party system?

8. What role does the 'Single Transferable Vote' (STV) system play in proportional representation elections?

9. How does the 'Two-Round System' ensure a majority winner in a presidential election?

10. Under what condition is a 'Closed List Proportional Representation' system characterized?