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Voting Behavior Quiz

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1. What concept refers to the idea that people's political preferences are deeply influenced by the beliefs and values they were exposed to in their formative years?

2. In the context of voting behavior, what effect suggests that people are more likely to vote if they believe their vote makes a significant difference?

3. Which electoral system is most likely to encourage a two-party system according to Duverger's Law?

4. What phenomenon describes the increased likelihood of voters to choose candidates and parties that are perceived as winners?

5. Which factor is NOT commonly associated with higher voter turnout?

6. What is the primary purpose of political campaigns during elections?

7. What term describes the shift in voting patterns due to major events or crises that disrupt traditional political allegiances?

8. Which term best describes the practice of redrawing electoral district boundaries to favor a particular political party?

9. What effect describes how voters may support incumbent politicians during times of national crisis, regardless of their political party?

10. Which of the following is a key factor in determining an individual's likelihood to vote?