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Political Representation Quiz

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1. What is the main purpose of political representation?

2. Which electoral system is often associated with producing a closer match between the percentage of votes and the percentage of seats a party receives in the legislature?

3. Gerrymandering is a practice designed to:

4. In a 'plurality' electoral system, how is the winner determined?

5. What is one of the primary critiques of first-past-the-post electoral systems?

6. What role does a 'constituent' play in the context of political representation?

7. What concept describes the division of a state into electoral districts that each elect one representative?

8. In political science, how is 'accountability' ensured in the context of representation?

9. Which term describes the ability of a representative to act on behalf of a constituent's best interests, even if not directly instructed by the constituent?

10. How does the concept of 'mandate' relate to political representation?