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Comparative Political Economy Quiz

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1. In the context of Comparative Political Economy, what role does the concept of 'path dependency' play in understanding institutional development?

2. Which theoretical approach in Comparative Political Economy emphasizes the role of class struggle and capital accumulation in understanding state and economic structures?

3. What is the primary focus of the Varieties of Capitalism (VoC) approach in Comparative Political Economy?

4. In the study of Comparative Political Economy, how is the term 'neoliberalism' best described?

5. Which of the following best explains the concept of 'embedded liberalism'?

6. What does the 'institutional complementarity' concept in Comparative Political Economy suggest?

7. Which concept posits that political outcomes can be influenced by the structure of social networks and the distribution of resources among actors?

8. How does the 'dependency theory' in Comparative Political Economy view the development process in countries at the periphery of the world economy?

9. In Comparative Political Economy, which theory suggests that governments adopt welfare policies primarily to enhance their electoral success?

10. What principle underlies the 'regulatory capture' theory in Comparative Political Economy?