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Comparative Regional Studies Quiz

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1. Which term best describes the process where countries in a specific region increase their cooperation on political, economic, or military grounds?

2. In comparative regional studies, which factor is most often analyzed to understand differences in economic development between regions?

3. Which of the following best characterizes a federal political system?

4. Who coined the term 'Iron Curtain' to describe the division between Eastern and Western Europe after World War II?

5. Which regional organization aims to promote economic integration and cooperation among South American countries?

6. What does the term 'Balkanization' refer to in comparative regional studies?

7. Which concept refers to the belief that cultural and historical differences between societies should be respected and preserved?

8. In the context of comparative regional studies, what does the rise of populism often imply for political stability?

9. Which region is often cited as a successful example of post-conflict reconciliation and integration?

10. What is the primary focus of the African Union's Agenda 2063?