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Idealism and Dualism: Philosophy Quiz

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1. Which philosophical position asserts that reality is fundamentally mental or spiritual in nature?

2. Which philosophy argues for the distinct existence of both the mind (or soul) and the body?

3. Who is most commonly associated with the phrase 'I think, therefore I am', a statement underscoring the certainty of one's own existence as a thinking entity?

4. What does George Berkeley's immaterialism, a form of Idealism, deny the existence of?

5. Which concept is central to Idealism, asserting that reality is dependent on the mind and its perceptions?

6. In dualistic perspectives, what is considered to be in interaction with the physical body?

7. Which philosopher argued that the essence of the mind is to think, and the essence of the body is to occupy space?

8. What philosophical view characterizes the relationship between mind and body as two aspects of the same underlying reality?

9. The 'mind-body problem' is primarily concerned with understanding the relationship between:

10. Which of the following best describes the position that only the mind and mental states are truly real, while the material world is an illusion?