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Ohm's Law Mastery Quiz

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1. What does Ohm's Law state?

2. In a circuit with a resistance of 5 ohms and a current of 2 amperes, what is the voltage across the circuit?

3. Which of the following materials would likely have the highest resistance?

4. What happens to the current in a circuit if the voltage is doubled while the resistance remains the same?

5. For a given wire, if its length is doubled while keeping its material and cross-sectional area constant, what happens to its resistance?

6. Which unit is used to measure electrical resistance?

7. If the resistance in a circuit is increased while the voltage remains constant, what happens to the current?

8. What is the resistance of a bulb that draws 0.5 amperes of current under a voltage of 10 volts?

9. If a circuit is described as 'high resistance,' what can be inferred about the flow of current through it?

10. What effect does increasing the cross-sectional area of a conductor have on its resistance?