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Cultural Differences in Behavior Quiz

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1. Which cultural dimension, according to Hofstede's model, describes the extent to which individuals in a society are integrated into groups?

2. In which type of culture is communication often indirect and the context of the conversation carries more meaning than the words spoken?

3. What is a practice commonly found in collectivistic societies but less prevalent in individualistic societies?

4. What concept explains why people from different cultures interpret the same behavior or gesture differently?

5. Which of the following is an example of a societal norm that varies greatly across cultures?

6. According to Edward T. Hall, what dimension of cultural difference affects how people perceive time?

7. Which behavior is more likely to be appreciated in a high power distance culture?

8. What is a potential challenge when working with teams from both high-context and low-context cultures?

9. What role does 'face-saving' play in some cultures, and how can it impact interpersonal relationships?

10. How do cultural norms influence perceptions of leadership within organizations?