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Hunger and Eating Behavior Quiz

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1. Which hormone is primarily responsible for stimulating hunger?

2. At which stage of the food consumption process does satiation occur, signaling to stop eating?

3. What psychological theory suggests that eating behavior is influenced by both internal physiological signals and external food-related cues?

4. Which condition is characterized by an intense fear of gaining weight and a distorted body image, leading to self-imposed starvation?

5. What is the primary function of leptin in the regulation of eating behavior?

6. Environmental factors that can influence eating behavior include all of the following EXCEPT:

7. Which theory suggests that individuals have a genetically predetermined range of weight that their bodies will try to maintain?

8. What term is used to describe a severe, life-threatening eating disorder characterized by the consumption of an unusually large amount of food in a short period, followed by inappropriate compensatory behaviors, such as vomiting?

9. According to research, what is one of the psychological factors that can trigger overeating or binge eating?

10. Which of the following is NOT a consequence of long-term undereating?