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General Adaptation Syndrome (GAS) Knowledge Quiz

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1. What is the first stage of the General Adaptation Syndrome (GAS)?

2. Which hormone is primarily released during the stress response according to the GAS model?

3. During which stage of GAS does the body attempt to return to homeostasis after a stress response?

4. What does GAS stand for?

5. Which stage of GAS is characterized by the body's depleted resources after a prolonged stress response?

6. Who is credited with developing the concept of General Adaptation Syndrome?

7. What is the primary function of cortisol during the stress response according to GAS?

8. In the context of GAS, what does the term 'homeostasis' refer to?

9. What potential consequence can arise from prolonged exposure to the stressor during the exhaustion stage of GAS?

10. According to the GAS model, how does the body initially react to a perceived stressor?