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Neuropsychological Assessment Quiz

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1. What is the primary purpose of neuropsychological assessment?

2. Which cognitive function is the Wisconsin Card Sorting Test (WCST) primarily used to assess?

3. What does the term 'aphasia' refer to in neuropsychological assessments?

4. Which of the following assessments is specifically designed to evaluate memory function?

5. A 35-year-old patient is undergoing a neuropsychological assessment after a traumatic brain injury. What is a common reason for conducting such an assessment in this context?

6. In the context of neuropsychological assessment, 'executive functions' generally refer to:

7. What role does the Mini-M Mental State Examination (MMSE) play in neuropsychological assessments?

8. Which neuropsychological assessment is designed to evaluate a broad range of cognitive domains and is often used in diagnosing dementia?

9. 'Prosopagnosia' is best described as:

10. What is a typical component of the neuropsychological assessment process?