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Native American Religions Quiz

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1. What is considered the central element in many Native American religious ceremonies?

2. Which term best describes the Native American belief that natural objects and phenomena have spiritual essence?

3. In Native American cosmology, which world is often perceived as interconnected with ours, influencing and guiding the living?

4. What role does a shaman typically play in Native American religious practices?

5. Which of the following is NOT typically a feature of Native American religious practices?

6. What is a common purpose of a vision quest in Native American spirituality?

7. Which Native American practice involves the creation of sand paintings for healing purposes?

8. What is the Native American term often used to describe a sacred or spiritually powerful place within the natural landscape?

9. Which of the following accurately represents a common philosophical belief in Native American religions?

10. What is the significance of storytelling in Native American religions?