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Exploring Religious Conversion: A Quiz

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1. What term is commonly used to describe the formal acceptance into the Jewish community?

2. In Islam, the declaration of faith that marks a person's conversion is called what?

3. Which early Christian leader is noted for his dramatic conversion on the road to Damascus?

4. In Hinduism, the concept of conversion is

5. What is the primary purpose of RICA in the Catholic Church?

6. Who was the Mughal emperor known for his policy of religious tolerance and attempted to create a syncretic religion named Din-i Ilahi?

7. What council defined the concept of 'compelle intrare' (compel them to enter), advocating for the forced conversion of heretics?

8. Which sociologist introduced the concept of 'secondary conversion' as part of the process of religious change?

9. What is the significance of the 'Edict of Milan' in relation to religious conversion?

10. The process of converting to Buddhism often involves taking refuge in the 'Three Jewels.' What are these jewels?