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Religious Intolerance Quiz

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1. How is religious intolerance often legally addressed in many democratic countries?

2. What historical event significantly impacted religious tolerance in Europe during the 17th century?

3. Which organization is known for reporting and advocating against religious intolerance worldwide?

4. In sociological terms, religious intolerance can stem from which type of social bias?

5. Which concept is crucial for understanding the interaction between religious groups and the state in promoting tolerance?

6. What is a common consequence of religious intolerance in societies?

7. Which term best describes the deliberate and systematic destruction of a religious or ethnic group's culture?

8. What legal instrument protects the freedom of thought, conscience, and religion as a human right?

9. Which of the following best defines 'religious pluralism'?

10. Which historical figure is noted for pioneering the concept of religious tolerance in the United States?