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Test Your Knowledge on Creation Myths Quiz

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1. In which creation myth is the world created from the dismembered parts of a primordial being?

2. What is the primary source of light in the Japanese creation myth?

3. According to Egyptian mythology, who is the god that rises from the primordial waters of Nun to create the world?

4. In the Popol Vuh, a sacred text of the Maya people, how are the first humans created?

5. What cosmic event marks the beginning of creation in Hindu cosmology?

6. Which culture's creation myth involves the god Viracocha creating the sun, moon, and stars at Lake Titicaca?

7. According to Greek mythology, who was born from the sea foam?

8. In which creation myth does the Earth rest on the back of a giant turtle?

9. What substance do the Norse gods use to create the first humans, Ask and Embla, in Norse mythology?

10. Which deity in Polynesian mythology is credited with fishing the islands of Polynesia from the ocean?