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Theodicy: Exploring the Justification of God Quiz

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1. What does the term 'Theodicy' primarily seek to address?

2. Who is closely associated with coining the term 'Theodicy'?

3. Which of the following best represents the 'free will defense' in the context of Theodicy?

4. Which argument claims that the existence of evil is necessary for the greater good?

5. In the context of Theodicy, what does the 'problem of evil' refer to?

6. Which philosopher is known for their skepticism towards Theodicy and the justifications for God's allowance of evil?

7. How does Immanuel Kant view the relationship between morality and Theodicy?

8. Which concept in Theodicy argues that evil and suffering can lead to spiritual growth or the development of virtues?

9. What role does 'omnibenevolence' play in discussions of Theodicy?

10. Which work by John Hick is influential in the discussion of Theodicy, particularly in advocating for the soul-making theodicy?