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Religious Morality Quiz

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1. In Christianity, which virtue is primarily associated with the love of God and neighbor?

2. According to Islamic teachings, what is the significance of zakat?

3. Which concept in Hindu ethics emphasizes duty, righteousness, and living according to one's dharma?

4. What principle in Buddhist ethics is focused on avoiding harm to living beings?

5. Which parable in the Christian New Testament emphasizes the importance of compassion and assistance to those in need, regardless of their background?

6. In Judaism, what concept refers to the ethical and moral principles derived from religious laws?

7. What does the Sikh concept of 'Sewa' entail?

8. Which of the following is a core Buddhist principle that advocates for the right way of living?

9. In Islamic ethics, what is considered the highest form of struggle or striving in the way of God ('Allah')?

10. What ethical principle in Confucianism stresses the importance of respect, obligations, and care among family members?