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Religious Sects Knowledge Test Quiz

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1. Which religious sect is known for its practice of non-violence and strict vegetarianism, originating in India?

2. In which religious sect is the Book of Mormon considered sacred scripture along with the Bible?

3. What distinguishes Shia Islam from Sunni Islam primarily?

4. Which Christian sect is known for its testimony of simplicity and peace, often rejecting modern technology?

5. The Sufi tradition is associated with which major world religion?

6. Which religious sect believes in the imminent Second Coming of Jesus Christ and observes Saturday as the Sabbath?

7. In Zen Buddhism, what is the primary practice for attaining enlightenment?

8. Who is considered the founder of Methodism?

9. Which religious sect practices 'Theravada' as its oldest surviving branch?

10. What is the primary text of Zoroastrianism known as?