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Founders of Sociology Quiz

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1. Who is considered the father of Sociology and coined the term "sociology" to describe the scientific study of society?

2. Which sociologist introduced the concept of "social facts," treating societal norms, values, and structures as phenomena outside of individual consciousness?

3. "Verstehen," a German word meaning "to understand," is central to whose sociological methodology?

4. Who is known for their work on capitalism and viewed class conflict as the driving force of historical change and development in society?

5. The concept of "mechanical solidarity" and "organic solidarity" as forms of social cohesion was developed by which sociologist?

6. Which founding sociologist's work laid the groundwork for symbolic interactionism, focusing on the meanings individuals attach to their social world?

7. Who is credited with being one of the earliest female sociologists and for translating Comte's work into English, significantly contributing to the dissemination of sociological ideas?

8. "The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism," analyzing the role of religion in economic life, was written by which sociologist?

9. Which sociologist is recognized for their critical examination of race and democracy in America, specifically through their seminal work "The Souls of Black Folk"?

10. Who argued that sociology should be concerned with the empirical investigation of society, and strongly criticized the speculative philosophy of the early sociologists?