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Test Your Knowledge: Feminist Theory Quiz

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1. Which of the following theorists coined the term ‘intersectionality’ to describe the overlapping systems of oppression related to race, gender, and class?

2. The concept of the 'personal is political' is fundamental to which wave of feminism?

3. Which feminist theory focuses on the difference and diversity among women's experiences and identities, rather than seeking universal women’s experiences?

4. Judith Butler is best known for her work in which of the following areas?

5. Which wave of feminism is associated with the critique of globalization and its impact on women worldwide?

6. Simone de Beauvoir’s seminal work, 'The Second Sex,' is often credited with laying the foundation for which wave of feminism?

7. Which concept asserts that societal institutions like the family, law, and the economy are designed to maintain male dominance over women?

8. Bell hooks advocates for a form of feminism that takes into account which of the following?

9. Who argued that 'One is not born, but rather becomes, a woman,' highlighting the role of society in gender identity formation?

10. Which branch of feminism emphasizes the need to change societal structures, including family roles and labor divisions, to achieve gender equality?