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Social Institutions Quiz

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1. What term is used to describe the set of organized beliefs and rules that establishes how a society will attempt to meet its basic social needs?

2. Which of the following is NOT typically considered a primary social institution?

3. What primary function does the family social institution serve within society?

4. In which social institution would norms and laws be created and enforced?

5. The institution responsible for the transmission of knowledge, skills, and cultural values across generations is known as:

6. Which social institution is primarily concerned with the production and distribution of goods and services?

7. The sociological concept of ‘secularization’ is most closely associated with changes in which social institution?

8. What is the primary purpose of the marriage and family institution from a sociological perspective?

9. Regarding the social institution of education, ‘hidden curriculum’ refers to:

10. Which of the following best describes how social institutions interact and influence each other?