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In-Groups and Out-Groups Understanding Quiz

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1. What principle explains why people tend to prefer and endorse the values of their in-group over those of an out-group?

2. In the context of social identity theory, how do in-groups and out-groups contribute to an individual's sense of self?

3. The in-group favoritism effect showcases that individuals are more likely to ____.

4. What is a common consequence of in-group favoritism in a workplace setting?

5. Which psychological phenomenon explains the immediate and uncritical preference for individuals who share group membership, even when group assignment is arbitrary?

6. What effect occurs when people perceive members of an out-group as more similar to each other than they actually are, while seeing members of their in-group as more varied?

7. Which concept refers to the exaggerated loyalty and support for one's own group, sometimes leading to hostility towards out-groups?

8. What is one practical approach to reducing prejudice and improving relations between in-groups and out-groups?

9. What phenomenon describes the tendency to attribute positive behaviors of in-group members to their character or personality, while attributing negative behaviors to situational factors?

10. In terms of social influence, what is a potential negative outcome of in-group conformity?