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Prejudice and Discrimination Quiz

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1. What theory suggests that prejudice results from conflicts over limited resources?

2. Which of the following best defines 'prejudice'?

3. In the context of prejudice and discrimination, what does 'implicit bias' refer to?

4. According to the Social Identity Theory, why might individuals display in-group favoritism?

5. Which of the following is a key component of the Contact Hypothesis for reducing prejudice?

6. Stereotyping can best be described as:

7. What psychological mechanism is often involved in the formation of in-group bias?

8. What is often the consequence of the 'out-group homogeneity effect'?

9. Which experiment demonstrated the ease with which people could be led to engage in discriminatory behavior based on seemingly trivial group distinctions?

10. Which concept explains the tendency to attribute one's successes to personal factors while attributing failures to situational factors?