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Intersectionality Knowledge Check Quiz

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1. What is the primary focus of intersectionality as a framework?

2. Who coined the term 'intersectionality'?

3. In the context of intersectionality, why is it important to consider multiple aspects of an individual's identity?

4. Which concept best describes the idea that systems of oppression are interconnected and cannot be examined separately?

5. Which of the following areas has NOT been significantly explored through an intersectionality lens?

6. What argument did Kimberlé Crenshaw make regarding intersectionality and social justice movements?

7. In the study of intersectionality, how are 'axes of oppression' defined?

8. How does intersectionality complicate traditional views of identity politics?

9. What role does 'privilege' play in the framework of intersectionality?

10. Which statement best represents the critique that intersectionality can lead to a 'victim mentality'?