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Cultural Globalization Quiz

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1. What term best describes the phenomenon where a local culture adopts elements from a foreign culture, creating a new, blended culture?

2. Which of these initiatives is an example of cultural globalization in action?

3. Cultural globalization often leads to fears of what phenomenon, where local identities and customs are lost or diminished?

4. How does cultural globalization facilitate the spread of global media content?

5. What concept refers to the increased interconnectedness of humans around the world, often driven by advances in technology and communication?

6. Which aspect of cultural globalization is concerned with how cultural elements from different parts of the world merge to create new forms?

7. Which sociological theory suggests that cultural globalization results in a single, unified world culture?

8. What role do transnational corporations (TNCs) play in cultural globalization?

9. Which of the following best describes the process by which cultural globalization can lead to cultural homogenization?

10. In the context of cultural globalization, what does the concept of 'deterritorialization' refer to?