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Environmental Sociology Quiz

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1. What concept refers to the unequal exposure of communities to environmental hazards based on race or socioeconomic status?

2. Which theory suggests that technological advancements can lead to solutions for environmental problems, reducing the negative impact human activities have on the environment?

3. What does the term 'anthropocene' refer to?

4. Which of the following best describes the focus of Environmental Sociology?

5. The concept of 'carrying capacity' is best described as:

6. Which social movement is primarily concerned with addressing climate change through direct action and advocacy?

7. The process by which societies increase their awareness and concern for environmental protection is known as:

8. Which concept suggests that societal norms and values play a significant role in determining environmental policy and practices?

9. The term 'sustainability' is closely associated with the concept of:

10. Environmental sociology often explores the relationship between social inequality and environmental degradation. This linkage is reflected in which of the following concepts?