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Boxplots Quiz

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1. Which part of a boxplot represents the median value of the data?

2. What does the length of the box in a boxplot indicate?

3. Which of the following best describes an outlier in the context of a boxplot?

4. If the median line within a boxplot's box is closer to the top of the box, what does this indicate about the distribution of the dataset?

5. In a boxplot, what do the whiskers represent?

6. How are outliers commonly indicated in a boxplot?

7. What does it imply if a boxplot has a very long whisker on one side?

8. When comparing two boxplots side by side, what does a significantly wider box on one boxplot indicate compared to the other?

9. What does it imply if the whiskers in a boxplot are of equal length?

10. What does a 'notched' boxplot indicate about the median?