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Poisson Distribution Quiz

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1. What is the formula for the Poisson probability mass function?

2. A call center receives an average of 2 calls per hour. What is the probability of getting exactly 3 calls in an hour, according to the Poisson Distribution?

3. Which of the following is a characteristic of the Poisson Distribution?

4. If events occur randomly and independently at a constant rate, which distribution is most appropriate to model the number of events in a fixed interval?

5. The mean of a Poisson Distribution is 5. What is its variance?

6. Which scenario is most likely to be modeled by a Poisson Distribution?

7. How does the shape of the Poisson Distribution change as $\lambda$ increases?

8. What condition is NOT required for a Poisson Distribution?

9. Given a Poisson Distribution with $\lambda = 4$, what is the probability that no events occur?

10. In a Poisson Distribution, if the mean number of events per interval doubles, how does this affect the probability of observing exactly one event?