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Confidence Intervals Mastery Quiz

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1. Which of the following best describes a confidence interval?

2. What does a 95% confidence interval imply?

3. Which of the following is necessary to calculate a confidence interval for a population mean when the population standard deviation is known?

4. When constructing a confidence interval for the mean of a small sample (n<30), which distribution should be used?

5. What effect does increasing the sample size have on the width of a confidence interval?

6. What is the primary purpose of a confidence interval in statistics?

7. Which component affects the width of a confidence interval?

8. In the context of confidence intervals, what does the term 'margin of error' refer to?

9. Which of the following accurately describes the relation between confidence interval width and confidence level?

10. What is the impact of a higher standard deviation of the sample on the confidence interval for the mean?