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Multiple Linear Regression Mastery Quiz

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1. What does the term \"predictors\" refer to in Multiple Linear Regression?

2. In Multiple Linear Regression, what assumption must be met regarding the relationship between the dependent variable and each of the independent variables?

3. Which method is commonly used for finding the best-fitting line in Multiple Linear Regression?

4. What is the purpose of residual analysis in Multiple Linear Regression?

5. Which statistic is used to assess the overall fit of a Multiple Linear Regression model?

6. What does multicollinearity refer to in the context of Multiple Linear Regression?

7. Which assumption of Multiple Linear Regression is violated if the residuals are not normally distributed?

8. In the context of Multiple Linear Regression, what does \"homoscedasticity\" refer to?

9. For a Multiple Linear Regression model, what is indicated by an inflated Variance Inflation Factor (VIF)?

10. What is the primary purpose of adding interaction terms in a Multiple Linear Regression model?