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Understand the Essentials of Line Plots Quiz

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1. What is a line plot primarily used for in statistics?

2. In constructing a line plot, what is represented by the 'x-axis'?

3. Which feature of a line plot helps in identifying trends and patterns over time?

4. What does the height of points on a line plot typically represent?

5. When analyzing a line plot, what does a steep slope between two points indicate?

6. Which of the following is NOT a proper guideline for creating a line plot?

7. How can outliers be identified in a line plot?

8. What is an advantage of using a line plot over a bar chart for displaying continuous data?

9. Which aspect of a line plot makes it particularly useful for forecasting future trends?

10. When interpreting a line plot, what does a series of points forming a horizontal line across the plot indicate?