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Mastering Heatmaps: Navigate Data Patterns Like a Pro Quiz

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1. What is the primary purpose of using a heatmap in data analysis?

2. Which aspect of a heatmap is critical for its interpretation and effectiveness in displaying data?

3. In the context of heatmaps, what does 'data clustering' refer to?

4. Which of the following is NOT a common application of heatmaps?

5. When analyzing a heatmap, a uniformly dark color across the map indicates what?

6. What is an essential consideration when creating a heatmap for public presentation?

7. Which type of data is a heatmap LEAST suitable for visualizing?

8. What does a 'hot' color on a heatmap typically represent?

9. For effective heatmap analysis, what is a key step to perform before visualizing the data?

10. In heatmap visualization, what does the inclusion of a dendrogram often indicate?